Partners in the WaSA Forum share a vision of a water secure world in which the private sector and other significant water users cause zero pollution, use water equitably and sustainably, protect water ecosystems, play a proactive role in climate resilience, and the delivery of universal access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene.

The role of the WaSA Forum is to connect and support influential stakeholders to enable more rapid and impactful uptake of water stewardship practice. The goal of the WaSA Forum is to accelerate water stewardship to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 6.

Specifically, the objectives of the WaSA Forum are:

1. Visibility on political agendas – Strengthen the visibility of water stewardship on political agendas as an integrated approach for engaging the private sector and financial instruments in economic transition and achievement of global goals.

2. Platform for policy dialogue – Establish an exchange mechanism to facilitate dialogue with the public sector on bottlenecks and corresponding policy asks for scaling stewardship projects and programmes, as well as a platform for exploring collaboration on specific initiatives.